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Prepare with Pedro

Hi! I’m Pedro the Penguin! I’m traveling around the United States to visit my friends and learn how they prepare. I’d like you to come. Emergencies and disasters can happen anywhere, but there are ways to help you stay safe. Follow along, and we can learn together!

Prepare with Pedro Activity Book Cover

Disaster Preparedness Activity Book

Prepare with Pedro is a joint product of FEMA and the American Red Cross. The Prepare with Pedro: Disaster Preparedness Activity Book is designed to teach young children and their families about how to stay safe during disasters and emergencies. The book follows Pedro around the United States and offers safety advice through crosswords, coloring pages, matching games, and more. The Disaster Preparedness Activity Book is available for download in 6 languages. You can also order free copies in English and Spanish from the FEMA Warehouse.

Coming Soon

We’re adding to the Prepare with Pedro lineup! Stay tuned for storybooks to learn even more about how to prepare for specific hazards and disasters, as well as additional languages available for free in the FEMA Warehouse.

Downloadable Activities

Interested in Ordering Free Copies?

Free printed copies are available through the FEMA Publications Warehouse. To order free publications, fill out the order form below and send it via email, fax, or U.S. Postal Service. You may also call for assistance.

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Email: FEMApubs@GPO.gov
Mail: FEMA Distribution Center
c/o Pueblo Distribution Center
Attn: Receiving
Pueblo, CO 81001
Publication Number:
  • Prepare with Pedro: P-2005
  • Prepárate Con Pedro (Spanish): P-2035


Last Updated: 08/13/2019