a hand holding a smart phone with the FEMA App

Disasters and Emergencies

While flooding can happen at any time, floods can result from rain or melting snow making them common in the spring. Flooding is a temporary overflow of water onto land that is normally dry. Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. Failing to evacuate flooded areas, entering flood waters, or remaining after a flood has passed can result in injury or death.

Graphic image showing an orange car on a road headed toward flooded waters with a car floating. A house in the background has flood waters up to the windows. Two people stand talking on a hill in the background. It reads, Be sure to buy flood insurance. Upload copies of important documents, photo ID's proof of address, medical records and bank docs. Turn around, don't drown.

Know what disasters and hazards could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate.  Make sure your family has a plan and practices it often.




Last Updated: 09/12/2019